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The Road to Gumbo

The idea to put prepared gumbo base in a brick was the brainchild of Carole Foster, a truck driver who decided in 2007 to freeze her leftover gumbo so that she could enjoy it when she returned from one of her road trips…nothing to do but add a few more shrimp!

Who is Mee Ma?

Estella Allen Laws, who had been making gumbo for decades, was the matriarch of the Foster family until her passing at the age of 97 in 2002. Carole and her sister Deanna tweaked their “Mee-Ma’s” recipe, adding their own flair until they got just the right flavor combination, texture, and color.

A Labor of Love

Mee-Ma’s Lousiana Gumbo Bricks make it easy for even the most inexperienced cook to prepare delicious gumbo anytime in 45 minutes or less. Lets get cookin!


"Love love love this gumbo brick! I was planning to make gumbo for dinner tonight when I checked this morning and realized I was out of my Mee-Ma's bricks. I keep at least 3 on hand at all times, I called the number on web page first thing this morning. A lady answered and gave me a list of places IN MY AREA where I could buy my brick. I sent my hubby over as soon as I got the address - my freezer is happy again with 4 bricks on hand this time — IM HAVING GUMBO TONIGHT YA'LL!!!"

Gumbo Geek


"Delicious! Enjoying our first gumbo with your delicious product. Mmmmmm"

Gumbo Geek

I'm hooked.

"Just tasted seafood gumbo made using this product and I loved it. I learned how to make gumbo at 9 years old and consider myself an expert. Most people I talk to don't eat gumbo because they don't know how to make a roux. This is a great idea and a whole lot of people will be eating gumbo daily."

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